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Professional Dealership Flyovers:

The AerialWayz360™ executive team has more than 50 years of combined experience in the military, federal & local law enforcement and industrial security industry as well as many years as UAV/Drone pilots, FAA Fixed Wing and Helicopter pilots, to ensure you have the best service available. 

We offer a “Drones-on-Demand as a Service” platform. We have several licensed & certified FAA Part 107 Pilots (UAV) with over 6 years’ experience in flying UAV’s. We developed the RFID Backpack™ for drones as well as an application for indoor SLAM Mapping (simultaneous localization and mapping) for warehouse drones using smart sensors, as well as integrating drones with CCTV/alarm systems via smart sensors. 

AerialWayz holds a number of FAA waivers including:

  • FAA Part 107.29 Night Flight Operations.

  • FAA Part 107.39(b) Flying Over People & Moving Vehicles.

  • FAA Part 107.35 Multi-Drone Operations by a Single Operator. 

DriverSeat360 is a wholly owned subsidiary of AerialWayz Holdings, Inc.

Contact us today for more details on a Professional Flyover of Your Dealership:

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